In today’s trucking industry, safety has come to be one of the main issues that companies concentrate on due to the fact that more and more trucks are traveling our nation’s highways. We here at Carolina Southern are no different. In fact, we probably place a greater emphasis on safety than any other aspect of our operation.

Our Drivers are safe drivers. Before they are hired they must pass a rigorous screening process. Once the drivers are part of our team they remain safe drivers throughout their employment with our company. They are trained and quizzed on a regular basis regarding standard safety procedures to follow when traveling throughout the country.

Carolina Southern has a modern fleet. The equipment we run is always late model and inspected on a regular basis to insure its safe operation when hauling freight from our customers to various destinations throughout the United States.

Safety is on our minds every mile of the way. Even minor accidents cause both pain and inconvenience. That’s why we make it a priority to adhere to the strictest safety standards. As a result of our better emphasis on safety, we have a low accident ratio; a low cargo claims ratio and SafeStat scores that are higher than the national average. We’ve also earned the highest safety rating awarded by the DOT.

Some of the ways we make sure safety never gets lost in the shuffle:

  • Monitor driver performance closely
  • Strictly enforce DOT regulations
  • Employ a full-time safety director with credentials as a certified safety instructor
  • Train and provide continuous, up-to-date driver education in safe driving techniques
  • Screen drivers thoroughly, including their driving, work and criminal records
  • Limit road speed
  • Reward drivers with company incentives for superior safety performance